Saint Nicholas montessori

Our focus is on classical Montessori principles, for children between the age of 2.5 and 6 years. Each day, children proclaim “I did it myself” in this home based, child-centered facility. Montessori students self-select from a variety of ‘exercises’, and are given individual lessons by the adult/guide as required. Through practice with the materials and by following the guidelines for respect of self, others and the environment the child grows capacity and love for learning. A deepened sense of awareness grows within and the results begin to cumulate. The uniqueness of each child further emerges as independence strengthens and empathy grows.

Children participate in the preparation of nutritious daily snacks and hot lunch. Our goal is to grow and harvest as much food as possible in the organic gardens on site. We even have a greenhouse, and participate in other friendly activities such as composting and collecting rain water.

We work and play in the garden and may venture down the street to Harbourview Park to play at the playground. Every day, children will have opportunities to bring home books from our vast library. We even have a children’s art gallery!

Our location is within the Tellier home, on a quiet cul-de-sac close to South Davis Road, Ecole Davis Road elementary and nearby trolley stops along Davis Road.

Our program is operated by Erynn Tellier and has been lovingly influenced by the generosity and mentorship of Sarah Walker.

Saint Nicholas Montessori 2014

Licence JKEY-92FSHQ

As the Scandinavians say "there is no bad weather, only bad clothing". We learn, work and play outside every day.